C. Alan Publications
Dances from the Age of Aquarius – wind ensemble (10:00)
Impulse Engine– wind ensemble (4:30)
Tinker to Evers to Chance – wind ensemble (4:45)
Pieces of Eight – concert band (6:20)

Carl Fischer, Inc
Early Light – wind ensemble (5:00)

Animals from A to Z (children’s chorus, 3:00)
Concerto for Woodblock and Politically Correct Tape (7:40)
Echolocation (orchestra, 7:30)
The Faster Theory (clar, vln, piano, 9:00)
It’s an OK Place to Live (SATB spoken chorus, 5:00)
Next of Kin to Chaos (wind ensemble, 7:30)
The Theory of Evolution (narrator, clar, marimba, electric bass, 40:00)
Throw Caution to the Wind (brass ensemble, 4:30)
The Kore (sop, mezzo, 2 tenors, 8:00)
Dracula’s Guide to the Orchestra (10:00)
Regional Accents (wind ensemble, 11:00)

Arsis Press
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (15:00)

OU Percussion Press
Circadian Rhythms: Abstract Constructs in a 24×24 grid (11:00)

All other works available from the composer.